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InvestorIQ is an AI-powered equity analytics platform delivering the best risk-reward opportunities to investors

Creating Risk Management Tools with Equity Research ft. InvestorIQ

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Retail Investor Challenges

  1. Unable to identify the characteristics and fundamental data points that institutional investors, those who move markets, look for and value when buying equities.

  2. Misunderstanding of the inherent risks that come with equity investing. Retail investors generally associate the same level of risk with every equity investment. However, these risks are not monolithic, they vary across sectors, industries, and individual equities.

  3. Lack of time, interest, or the proper equity research tools to effectively conduct thorough research.

These three root problems often lead to investors relying on misguided information sources; such as uninformed friends, pundits with agendas, or their own gut feelings. Anecdotal evidence and many industry studies show this formula is often a losing proposition for investors. 

InvestorIQ’s goal is to present the best risk/reward equity opportunities to investors!

Some of the ways we accomplish this:

Filter out low-quality equities, greatly reducing risk

Equities with poor characteristics such as high volatility, sporadic volume, etc., are automatically identified and filtered out by our proprietary risk model, greatly reducing investor risk.

Cut out investment chatter, focus on contextualized data

InvestorIQ contextualizes data and runs comparative analysis across thousands of equities to arrive at those with the best risk/reward opportunities

Invest responsibly in areas of interest

Many retail investors invest in a company simply because they are familiar/interested in the company but familiarity or interest alone is not a characteristic of a quality investment. Based on an investor’s areas of interest, InvestorIQ autonomously discovers quality equities with the best risk/reward opportunities.

Know your approximate daily risk prior to investing

Our proprietary RisQ CalculatorTM approximates the daily dollar amount an equity investment will make or lose based on the amount invested. RisQ Calculator is also dynamic so users can test different dollar amounts they’d like to invest until they find a daily dollar risk amount they are comfortable with.

Latest Investing Insights

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