AI-powered equity research & discovery

Our Story

InvestorIQ was born out of frustration with the lack of Wall Street-grade equity research and discovery tools available to retail investors. While some of the tools and applications on the market provide some value, most rely on outdated or unproven methodologies and don’t adjust their methodologies as market conditions change. In addition, other tools often put too much emphasis on one aspect of equity analysis, not providing a holistic viewpoint. This skews the analysis, making it less useful and potentially costing users money and/or returns.

InvestorIQ was built by retail investors with over 27 years of investing experience. Those experiences range from trading options on commodity Futures to constructing complex equity portfolio hedging strategies. So we have a deep breadth of market knowledge and are intimately aware of the challenges retail investors face. There is a preconceived notion that institutional investors have a data and information edge over retail investors. This is not true as all information regarding public companies must be made public by law. However, where institutional investors do have a significant edge over retail investors is in the area of equity research and data analytics. InvestorIQ will eliminate this edge institutional investors have enjoyed for decades and finally bring a well-thought-out, Wall Street-grade equity research and discovery platform to retail investors.